Let’s get This Tangles Rolling

I call this piece of work Zen-Facets. I was attracted to making this piece because it reminded me of my High School days, when we studied Op-Art. CZT® Nancy Pinke of Elko, Minnesota, created the Facets tangle pattern which was introduced in the Zentangle® newsletter. “We like facets because it is unique, easy to do, fun to shade and you can use it in many ways.” For myself I am creating a number of renderings, experimenting with watercolor pencils, Derwent Ink pencils, to add some color to it. Another alternative incorporated with those ideas, I will be doing variable line weights and shading. My attraction to this image is how it keeps the eye moving up and down to the peaks. And who hasn’t ever fantasized about Diamonds. Just look at the fascination the public is having with the jewel Richard Burton gave to Liz Taylor!

Here’s what a couple of fellow Zentanglists had to say:




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