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It’s an extremely emotional day in the US, as we find it has been 10 years since the catastrophic events, that shook our nation. Like the Kennedy assassination, we all remember where we were on that horrific day. On Sunday, there will be a Memorial, at Ground Zero, for all the brave men, women and animals who either lost their live’s, were injured or lost someone or something that would forever change their live’s. I pay tribute to this and wish, pray and hope we will never have to endure this kind of loss ever again. Amen.

On a much lighter note, I am thrilled to have my blog up and running. I hope you like what I present, suggest and offer in the coming years…Yes, YEARS.

I’ve always dreamed of showing my work in a gallery. It is a huge step up from winning 2nd prize for a drawing, when I was much younger at the Dutchess County Fair. So this week, I volunteered to work at the new Mill Street Loft, that just opened here in Beacon, NY.  As a member, I will be given a chance to show my works in the future. I think that’s super cool beans.

To add a little fun in your life, this week, I’d like for everyone to download my drawing from Flickr, in the search box, type in (Marguerite1997) and download the image called the Zentangle Palace. In the empty doorways, you may fill in the spaces with your ideas, words, poetry and art. Whatever you would like. Please note, it is PG rated. Have fun, send me back your images to post and allowing everyone else to see it too. I’ll let you know when the Zentangle Palace Gallery opening is.

In the meantime, I look forward to improving this site. I have great plans for expansion, but we all know Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Have a great Tangled weekend. Just a reminder, it’s a Full moon arising!!!


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