You’ve Heard of a Wish List

This logo was used by Montgomery Ward from 1968-82

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As a youngster, growing up and having really no one else to play with besides my brother, we would play this, “I wish I had” game. We would drag out the Montgomery Ward’s catalog, lay down on the kitchen floor, while our Mother toiled and worked to get dinner together for her seven children. There were no microwaves, TV dinners, that was for the privileged (or at least we thought so). It was always meat and taters (mashed, of course). So there was ample time and we knew to stay out from under her feet. We would each pick which side of the catalog, was, the one, we would choose to pick out, what we would most want for presents, from that page.  Well I guess some things don’t change, just the catalogs and now I do it by myself. Which is cool by me. HOWEVER, the catalogs, I ponder and things I wish for, are all related to my passion for Art. Today, I got in the mail Daniel Smith’s Art Catalog. Of course my other two favorite’s our Dick Blick’s Studio and New York Central Arts Supply, that has a supplemental catalog of Fine Art Papers. Go online and order them, it costs you nothing. If you do not have the accessibility to be able to do this online, give a ring to the supplier of your choice and give them your name and address. All types of company’s are looking for business and are happy to oblige to send you out their catalogs. Not to worry, my experience has been, no pesky sales calls. Even when you leave your phone number or e-mail address. Another great feature, when you order your catalog, is they will either give you a discount on your purchase or free shipping.  So today, I received Daniel Smith’s catalog, it will be tonight’s reading material and as I enter into R.E.M., it will be great dreaming about new art supplies. P.S. Many of these folks offer free samples and if you want to amp up on your game, look for give-aways. Pleasant dreams…


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