What happens when you stop seeking clarity? What happens when you stop being interested…engaged..curious? What is the difference between those who are constantly searching and those who are content as is?

Today was a wonderful day. My head was clear, I was feeling very creative and productive. What a great way to feel.

I came up with a great Zentangle pattern, which I I titled Trisket. By itself or used as a border, the design lends itself to many ways you could use it in your designs.  Right click on it and do a ‘Save As’. Here it is:

A new Tangle Pattern to Try

I found some great giveways today also. Visit, and you will find Tim Holtz has a altered journey DVD giveaway. Don’t hesitate, the giveaway ends 9.28.11.

Derwent is also offering a giveaway. Answer the correct answer to the contest and you could win a blister pack of 6 pastel pens.  Good luck.

Last night, I followed one of Miraculous Mosquitoe’s patterns, Over and Under and here is my rendition of that pattern, which I have titled, ‘Ebb & Flax’.

Now I found this to be THE FIND of the day.

There’s new software program and I have downloaded it to see how it works. I like it and it is comparable to the pricey packages out there. Suppose you are unable to afford to go out and purchase the full blown version of Microsoft Office. It’s understandable, with the economy being in the toilet. Well here is some good news. It’s called It’s a free software package, with a word processing program, called Writer. Similar to PowerPoint, there is a spreadsheet program called Impress. Also like Excel, there is a program called Cale. Also included is a drawing program, a database program and an equation program. This package is compatible with most document formats and  it will run under Windows XP, Vista, 7, and Mac OS.

One final thought, watch this great video and go Tangle. 7 tangles with Sue Jacobs and Suzanne McNeill.


3 thoughts on “Clarity

  1. Thank you for the kind mention of my Magpie’s Nest Too giveaway…
    you have done great things with your “clarity” … wonderful eye candy…Love the stone cairn and blues so so much
    Happy Sunday

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