Old friend’s take a Long Time to Aquire

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What a beautiful,warm filled, sunshine day. The Lost Days of Summer..the air is clear, the day is full of anticipation and you stumble upon what Mother Nature and this mysterious world has to offer.

Well it was a day of glorious images..check it out…

As I moved through my day I came across some great links to share with you. Please head on over to see Laura Trevey’s site (she has a great giveaway), Sandhya Manne’s studio http://eveningcreeper.com , Evening Creeper, Magpie’s Nest. Genieve’s Tangle Organizer, Joyce Block, What should I do with these Button’s,. The greatest one I found today for all you bloggers is http://www.thinglink.com  and before you lay your head upon your pillow, check out http://hollanders.com for some great art supplies, tutorials and my new favorite,  regarding to Suminigashi.

Sooo in passing along great links to help ya keep your creativity groove a flowin. head on over to http://illustratedwatercolorJournaling.com

must be off, my man-ski can’t find my, yes, my hammer. Gotta laugh and go with the flow


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