Artist’s Statement

I am Marguerite W. Meara, I see myself as a mixed bag artist. I live in the Hudson Valley Region of New York, a place that draws artist’s from all walks of life . For  centuries, people have come to the Hudson Valley, to paint and draw, the splendors of  this region.  I derive my inspiration from many sources and greatly for my love of Nature. I am self-taught in  Mixed Media Arts, Digital Art, plus many other art forms. I worked as a designer/drafter, graphic artist and technical writer for over 25+ years. As great as all those years were, I still felt a void. The artist in me, needed to be cut loose. Art is the synthesis  of my inner  feelings, and it brings me joy, to convey these thoughts and emotions through my Zentangling works. My present muse is a new art form called Zentangles. it’s being said that this is the beginning of a new art form. As a “struggling artist”,  It’s important that I  reinvent and challenge myself to experience things in new ways, so I can further broaden my exposure to the world and art.  Within a short span of time, I have witnessed the rapid progress and curiosity from people who want to learn and benefit from Zentangling.  Ironically, Zentangles have been around a very long time. During ancient times, ‘Tangles’ could be found everywhere. From the walls of the Egyptian Pyramids, the pages of Illuminated Celtic Manuscripts, to basic shapes, Zentangles everywhere. People  of different ages, families, cultures are including Zentangles to increase their artistic vocabulary, and perspectives, that is unique to just them. I fell in love with elements that make up a great Zentangle. It required new wiring for me, my perceptions regarding lines, space, form, texture and composition, are newly altered. The existentialism of  just black and white for color was and is new and challenge. Drawing Zentangles is   cathartic and peaceful for me. It has changed my life in many ways. And as you look into this new art form, you will hear people say what an impact it’s been to their lives’ also.
My ultimate palette is Nature. Walking along the river is a staple and must for me. My return home finds the little treasures, I saw along the way, stuffed into the pockets of my jeans. My camera is crammed with images  I am able to see thru a new eyes, and I find Zentangle’s everywhere, it is limitless. I’m always creating or working on one and jotting down all the idea’s for new ones. Sometimes it  feels like I’ve been given a glimpse gift ,when I spot them.  It is so rewarding to make something so  mesmerizing and captivating, with this medium.


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