It’s Really Nothing New

A fellow tangler on Flickr named this image for meYou can  find “tangles” anywhere and everywhere – Zentangles have been around a very long time. During ancient times, ‘Tangles’ could be found everywhere. From the walls of the Egyptian Pyramids, the pages of Illuminated Celtic Manuscripts, to basic shapes, Zentangles everywhere. People  from different walks of life’,  cultures and sub-cultures, are including Zentangles to increase their artistic vocabulary, and perspectives, that is unique to just them. I fell in love with elements that make up a great Zentangle. It required new wiring for me, my perceptions regarding lines, space, form, texture and composition, are newly altered. The existentialism of  just black and white for color was and is new and challenge.

When was the last time you witnessed a beginning of a new art form? Within a short period of time this phenomenon has grown to thousands of practitioners who claim benefits beyond their original expectations, myself included.


3 thoughts on “It’s Really Nothing New

  1. I love this blog!! As the most untalented artist ever, but yet always hoping I find something new I may be good at, I finally have hope foe myself in the art world, because ‘tangles’ seem like something I could attempt & enjoy learning about.
    Thanks Margo- keep up the great work here- PS I love your warmth & candor!

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