Zentangle Glossary



Zentangle® Glossary

Pencil line drawn from one dot to the next until it creates a closed shape to use as a foundation for your Zentangle® design. 

Certified Zentangle® Teacher – one who has been trained by the founders of Zentangle®, Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, and accredited by them personally to teach this artform.

Four marks made to initiate your design and used in creating a border.

Pencil pathway drawn within / over your bordered area to define areas to tangle; intended as a suggestion, not a requirement.

A pattern created by repetitive, deliberate marks of a minimal number.

A rendition of a tangle pattern that remains recognizable but contains variation of line, fill or other elements that differ from the usual norm.

3.5 x 3.5 inch square of 100% cotton, acid-free, high quality art paper.

There are two different artworks that are called Zendalas within the Zentangle® community.  These are:
a) A circle filled with tangle patterns, done with or without a string guide and / or
b) A circle of radiating, repetitive shapes that are then filled with tangles.

Zentangle® is an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns.  It is done on a tile, is non-representational and without defined orientation.

Zentangle® Inspired Art
A Zentangle® is done on a tile,is non-representational and without defined orientation while Zentangle Inspired Art draws on this tradition of repetitive and deliberate pattern creation within a more planned environment, such as a line drawing, recognizable object or larger format.

An acronym for Zentangle® Inspired Art.


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